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Step 1

You upload your 3D models.

Step 2

Select the desired print settings and quality. Fill in your adress and etc.

Step 3

We 3D print the models and check them for the best quality.

Step 4

We ship the product(s) to the customer


Custom made kaychains

Some students asked if it was possible for a multi-color 3D print. Well? I gues it is.
These keychains turned out amazing. They were very happy with the results.

BMW M-series flexi keychain

I needed a keychain for my car. So I created this flexi M-series keychain. For customized car keys. You can buy and download all the files needed to 3D print. 

Custom 3D printed lasercutter

The lasercutter was not by order but just an idea in my head. After all, it turned out great and works like a charm. You can buy and download the stl-files with assembly instructions by clicking on the link down below.

Desktop logo stand

This part was designed and 3D printed on demand. The product cope with all the desired specifications of the customer. 

Small modern table lamp

This lamp was designed and 3D printed on demand. The customer wanted a modern look to it, it also couldn't be too large. In the end the customer was very happy to recieve his custom lamp.

Mechanical 3D prints

The customer needed to have strong parts, so the best solution is to use a fuller density on the weak points to increase strength. 

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